Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've noticed there has been less traffic these past couple of days. You know, during the HEATWAVE! I don't need to see any more pictures of thermometers, thank you.
But the people out on the road are either in some sort of daze or cranky as hell.

I was heading down the road about to make a left on a street an old man was pulling out of. He jerked forward, stopped, and then did it again. When I made the turn he yelled something unintelligible. Out of instinct, I quickly U'ed around and shot back "What'd you say old man?"
"Uck You!" he proclaimed! I laughed and spun around back to my ride home. Old man swearing at me without his teeth in was just too funny.


MMcG said...

What bar/stem combo are you using? Did you give those Metropolis Bars a Go?

CB2 said...

I was on my road bike.
No, I'm not very gracious, I still haven't tried the bars.