Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something I Learned Today

Great song, and as I put my head down and rode into the wind, I thought about things I've learned about riding this Winter.

First riding on the road isn't that cold in Winter. I always avoided road rides in the Winter for fear I'd be too cold, but after a few sub 20 F rides on the road, I realized you warm up almost as quickly as offroad. After the initial shock it isn't too bad.

Second, wind ain't that bad. You just put your head down and suck it up. Again, I would take refuge in the trees to avoid it in the past.
Being able to except "it is what it is" I think comes alot from the fixed gear. You've got one gear, and you're only as fast or slow as your legs can move. That's it. Suck it up, and you'll get there when you get there.

That being said, as I was riding down pancake flat rt 10, and looked down to see I'm pushing 15 mph, I decided to not take my usual longer way home.

This just didn't sit right.
So to make up for skipping Old Mt. Rd., I swung onto Hater's Rd. The ol' Garmin says it hit 19.2%. A couple weeks ago I got 20.3%; I must have found a better line.

Great little grunt of a hill, but cut 1.5 miles off my ride. We'll see if I can get over this. If not I'll ride the fixed Soma on this ride Saturday.

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