Friday, March 6, 2009


On my commute to work, coming down the hill to the light at Miss Porter's School, I slowed to a stop, and was about to un-clip. Before I unclipped, the light changed so I released the brakes and began rolling forward. I guess I must have cocked my front wheel a bit, because my foot promptly wedged into the fender, pushing it against the tire acting as a brake. Prime example of the theorum of objects in motion tend to stay in motion as I flipped over the bars and landed on the pavement in the center of the intersection.

Clipped in.

In front of about a dozen cars.

I got up, laughed, bowed, and continued on my way.
I might have looked like a fool, but I was riding my bike, so it's all good.

Down the road a bit I noticed a car with a "Fender" sticker on the back. Soon after I noticed a truck with a "Gibson" sticker on the cap. Is this to let the theif know what kind of guitar they are going to get when they break into your vehicle? Public service announcement so the would be thief who prefers humbuckers to singlecoils will know which vehicle better suits his taste?

Anyhoo get out and have some fun this weekend.
Ride safe!


Mookie said...

Man, luckily you didn't get steamrolled. Scary stuff. At least you were able to turn it into a poetic moment.

James said...

glad you are okay. Next time you should turn it into a publicity stunt for your business.

CB2 said...

"I'll lie here in the street until someone buys a sink from me!";-)