Sunday, March 29, 2009


The other day James exclaimed / questioned why I'm still riding my fixed gear.
I just really love riding that bike.
Most of the time I'm commuting on it, but lately it's my bike of choice for my "recreational" rides too.

Indulge me in a little hippy-trippiness for a moment; there are times riding the fixed gear when man and machine begin to work in a harmony tapping out a perfect tempo that is sort of trance and Zen like. When your pedal stroke truly becomes perfect circles.

If there was a special league for racing fixed gear on the road (asphalt and dirt) it would be the series I'd compete in.

The "Old Man Fixed Gear Racing League" or some such nonsense. I envision a field of me myself and I competing for the imaginary podium. This is going to be big in Japan.

But since the"OMFGRL" is still in it's infancy, I'd better start riding this bike because Root 66, is very real and very soon!

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