Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At least it didn't rain.

Just got to remember a day on the bike sure beats driving.

Reading an article in Bicycle Quarterly about lower tire pressure being more efficient, faster and more comfortable, I thought I'd give it a try.
I lowered my pressure to a little above their recommendation and headed off.

"This is Awesome" I thought as I floated down the road. If it wasn't for hitting every red light, I bet I'm moving faster than usual.

As I turn in to the lot, my front end feels all squiggy.

I flatted!

I never flat; so much for that theory.

But fixing a flat at the shop is so luxurious; warm, dry and clean.

To avoid the heavy traffic and right turn only lanes of Queen St., I take a longer, but more bucolic route home. This brings me through the orchards, and reservoirs of Southington and Plainville, and if you note on the graph, adds considerable climbing to my ride.

Usually this is a good thing.
When you're riding straight into a headwind; not so much.

Mr. Weatherman says I had a 15.5 mph headwind with gusts to 22mph.

I felt like some one had switched my 16t cog for a 14t, yet I was going slower than if I had an 18t.

Coming into Farmington, on Rt 10, slowing to almost a stop, anticipating a traffic light changing, I feel a presence behind me. I glance back and see another rider pulling up.
"Great" I thought, I'll pullover and tuck in behind him to take a break from the wind.
Dude's right on my wheel. I hear his drivetrain squeaking. I move to the right so he'll pull through; nope. Move way over; nothing. The Effer's won't come to the front. He's doing to me what I wanted to do to him!

Well if I'm not getting a break than neither is he. On a little rise, I give a good kick, and shake off the free-loader.

At least it was above freezing.

Makes me admire the pros going out and riding 250k in winds at least as strong even more.

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