Monday, March 25, 2013

The human body is truly amazing.

After Friday's excitement I still needed to go to work on Saturday.  Friday night my car wouldn't start (I had to wait for Mrs. CB2 to get home from work before I could drive myself to the ER).
I woke early after a fitful few hours of sleep, assessed I was good enough, and prepared to ride to work.

We start early on Saturdays to meet before we open, and I needed to stop for coffee on the way in.
First store I stopped at wasn't open, so I rode on, thankful the morning chill wasn't having any effect on my stitches.

A few miles down the road I found a store that was open (captivating, I know).

Got to work, soldiered through 8 hours, with a bonus 45 minutes rehanging the shop sign the wind had blown down; a lot of teamwork getting that thing back up, and headed home.

I was very thankful for a tailwind.

Once home, my body knew it's work was done and I just crashed.
My daughter was unable to wake me for dinner.

It was as if my body knew; get through Saturday, then you can rest.

I woke briefly, shoveled some food down my throat and made my way upstairs.
I slept for another 11 hours.

Sunday my body stayed in recovery mode.

Drank coffee.
Went for a walk.
Baked cookies.
Drank coffee.
Changed tires.
Watched an English Sitcom
Drank coffee.

Today (Monday) almost three days since the accident, I'm feeling almost normal.
Other than the fuzzy growth around the stitches, my face feels fine.
Curiously my iliotibial bands are sore but not as bad as the arm I got the tetanus shot in.

Tomorrow, hopefully we'll be back to regularly scheduled program.


Bill said...

Great to hear you are on the mend buddy!

Brandon Roy said...

your nutty, getting hit by a car and going back out there to risk your life again. I wish you all the luck.........

CB2 said...

Dawn comes soon enough for the working class.

Jacqueline Willis said...

It's amazing how the mind and body work in tandem, to let you do what you need to. And fyi, Shameless isn't a Sitcom. It's a documentary.