Monday, March 4, 2013

It Might Be You

A young man complained to the social cyberness of how he was honked at 7 times in one ride.
 "What's wrong with you drivers!"

I ride in traffic...a lot.  I'm the first to spout off about some douche in a 6000 pound cocoon of death, but 7 times?

I don't think I was honked or yelled at 7 times in the past year.

I think we, cyclist, get awfully indignant  about our right to the road, and drivers sharing the road but do we ever consider the other side of the equation?

Do we obey the law?
Do we ride as far to the right as safely possible (which can be the center of the lane)?
Stop at stoplights and even stop signs (at least when there's an audience)?
Do we try and share the road too or just expect others to extend us the courtesy?

Life is too short, if you are continuously being harassed on the road, you might want to consider how you are using it.  There will always be self absorbed pricks out there, don't give them any fuel for the fire.


Trevor Woodford said...

Very well said...
So many cyclists seem to set out with an anti motor vehicle thinking and don't seem to think about actually having to share the road...

The cyclist is always right is their mantra.....
As you say...often the problem is themselves.


Jez Andrews said...

Spot on with this Charlie, anyone getting honked at that many times must be riding like an idiot. I'd like to think I am a competent law abiding cyclist, I certainly try but I also drive a car with the same attitude. It's all about sharing, sadly like children some people are better at it than others.

Gillette said...

Super interesting thought, it makes me ponder on this.

Keep it up!

Lette's Haven

garth said...

I also agree. My two main goals are don't make drivers angry and ride safe. With that in mind I do ride in the shoulder if it is in reasonable condition. I have an obligation to protect the father of my children. Since I almost never get honked at I think I am doing it right.