Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Mistakes I Made

I was hit by a car.

On my ride home from work, on Boulevard, a couple blocks from Main St (right around the corner from home), a woman rolled a stop sign and hit me.


I slammed on my brakes, swerved clipped her front fender grazing the headlamp and endo'd.

I popped up like it was a rehearsed acrobatic routine.

Slapping my palm on her hood, I marched to her window and shouted "It's a stop sign, stop!"

"I did stop" she replied.

"No you didn't, you need to pay attention" I retorted.

"I was looking for headlights".

I pointed to my bike on the ground with it's 650 lumen headlamp blazing while my two watt tail lamp flashed in her face "I have a headlight".

"Keep your eyes open and pay attention" were my last words as I picked up my bike, gave it a once over, and rode off.

I did not get her name, take a picture of her car, or get the witness' number that was offered.
I did not realize I was injured.

I was.

The adrenaline was masking any pain I was feeling.
When I went to put on my riding glasses they were smeared with blood.

Looking in the mirror at home my chin was dripping and my face was splattered.
Maybe she was in shock at what she had just done to another human being, or maybe she was worried about being sued, but you think she might have had the decency to mention MY FACE WAS SPLIT OPEN.
(maybe she just didn't give a fuck)

6 stitches in my chin, and a tetanus shot.

No matter how good you feel, get names and numbers.

I'm okay, I think my bike is okay, I don't want anything from the lady but a hope that she has gained some awareness.

Be careful out there.
I concluded it could have as easily happened if not more so  in broad daylight as I might have blended into the environment even more w/o the lights.  Driving back from the ER, I couldn't help but notice just how well lit Boulevard really is.

It can happen anywhere.


dougyfresh said...

Ouch. Glad to hear you are okay minus a cut on your chin. Everything else seems alright (joint movements and head/neck)?

I fear this stuff everytime I ride on the road around here.

The amount we (you) ride, statistics will play out and eventually there will be an incident. That is how I justify my stupid MTB crash that broke my leg last year.

And just yesterday this came into my inbox:

heal up!

ThirdGear said...

Yikes! Glad you're okay!

fabian said...

Glad you are alright Charlie.

Royce said...

First I am glad your ok Ive been hit twice. Both time's by people running lights.First time dislocated shoulder with a side of bruised ribs.Second with very little except bruised ego.You are very correct it can happen to any of us so keep those eye's open.

eastwood said...

That is Annie's nightmare everytime I'm out on the road. Glad things didn't play out worse for you!

Jacqueline Willis said...

Glad you're OK, I mostly crash all on my own.

Alby King said...

Crap! Good to hear you're relatively unscathed. "I was looking for headlights" says it all. We don't teach our road-users to look for EVERYTHING. If a boulder were in the road - would we blame it or the government for not having a headlight??

CB2 said...

I had a headlight.

Anonymous said...

Heal up quick dude. Need to race with you on April 7th!!!

Fort James said...

Glad to hear you are mostly ok Charlie. Help up quick!

Jonathan-a.k.a Johnny said...

Wow. I'm glad you're okay. That should never have to happen to any cyclist on the road.

Anonymous said...

Best idea is to wait for local PD. They will document everything.

the original big ring said...

Chicks dig scars.

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