Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Down

The two metric goals for this week are 6000 miles and 500 hours.

Yesterday Mrs. CB2 went to NYC for her birthday with her favorite sister.
That meant driving to work as to be home as early as possible to crack that whip.  Every time I drive to work I'm reminded how fortunate I am to be able to commute by bicycle.

That left me 4 days to ride 13 miles and 7 hours.
The mileage would be inevitable.  Pull the bike out one day and that would be done.

The hours might be a little tougher.  Friday is Benidorm's Holiday party (see how I made that all PC?).  I'll probably have to drive in so I can make myself all pretty beforehand.

So we have (had) Today, Wednesday, Thursday, and before work on Friday.

Today is (was) my day off.  
Knowing it was going to snow had me waking up like a kid on Christmas morning.

Once everyone was out the door, I loaded up and headed East.

Snow can be fun to ride in.  A light snow adds dramatic effect, a little challenge, and some make believe badassitude.

The Inuit people have something like 400 different words for snow.  The stuff falling on Case MT could be called Mid Atlantic Sticky Snow.

It coated the trails enough to obscure lines, while leaving the "peaks" sticking through for the aforementioned dramatic effect.

Amazing how something so slippery could be so sticky.
Crank Brothers pedals are some of the best in Wintry conditions, but they were no match for the Atlantic Sticky Snow.  A foot down was met with a few good bangs before the cleats would engage.

Then my rear brake stopped functioning.

Case in snow without a rear brake...

Not exactly ideal.

Carrying an extra 15 pounds of snow, ice and leaves isn't either.

But it got me over 6K, and down to only 4 hours left to ride before Saturday.

If I ride to work the next two days, bleed my brake and ride before work on Friday, it should be in the bag.

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Mookie said...

6000mi., 500hrs.. I remember those days. I'll never see them again.