Monday, November 26, 2012


I love numbers and math.
I remember old phone numbers and often easily do the same with new ones.
There is logic to numbers.
When riding I'm constantly doing calculations in my head, often eschewing the fact that all this information is available to me at the push of a button on my handlebar.

Numbers can become goals.
Riding yesterday it became apparent two numbers might be within my reach.  Mini milestones if you will.
Distance and elevation gain.
Many years ago I remember riding around the block to accomplish my first 50 mile road ride.
I wasn't going to go to that extreme,  but if it looked close, a zig or zag might make the difference.

About half way through the number 1 popped up.
1 flat.

I was solo, so this gave me two options:

  • repair and nurse home
  • repair and say fück it. 
 Option B was more appealing

Things were looking close.
Zigging commenced.

Which puts two more numbers in the cross hairs for November.  One is inevitable, the other will be close.
Will I stoop to riding around the block?

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