Thursday, May 17, 2012


Resin man don't come til Friday.
Can't make sinks with no resin
Poor planning nets me a day to go riding!

After the beat down my hamstrings took on Saturday I decided to mix it up and ride with gears (the horror!) and to truly show my age a suspension fork (say it ain't so!)

Ironically my partner in crime was riding rigid

Ever since the first TdT X I've been dying to ride the descent from the Newgate Overlook to Rt 20.  For that matter the descent behind Roncari to Hatchett Hill on the way to the Moto Trail ain't no slouch either.
Nothing technical, just rollercoaster fun.  These trails used to be staples in my riding diet, but regrettably I don't get up to them too often these days.

Perfect opportunity.

We headed North past the overlook but stopped before we got to the calf burning hike-a-bike prior to Rt 168.

TJ tried to entertain me with his Paul Blart impression

 we enjoyed nature

and did some descents

I'll have to cut it close ordering resin more often.


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TJ said...

I hope the resin delivery is delayed again next week, great ride!