Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Professionally, let's just say life has been kicking me in the balls (for too long).

My Theme Song lately

When it really should be more like this.


After a particularly un-nerving correspondence it was time to go home.
I had planned on just going home, but I remembered some silly Strava challenge I signed up for.  I never seem to do very well at Strava games because they are always based on road riding.  I put in a good amount of hours on the bike, but because alot of it is on dirt, I fall short of Strava's bar.

I was 73 k short of the challenge (that's 45 miles in my world).  The short way commute is 55 k (34 miles), and the climby way is 60k (37 miles).  But if I rode to Simsbury it would be 46 miles, oh, sorry, I mean
75 k.

I felt good, but I just wanted to go home.  I don't need to be concerned with Strava's roadie games.

But as I got to the short way turn, I kept going.  Same thing when I got to the climby way turn.
I needed to accomplish something today, even if it was some virtual nonsense.

So I did.


Bill said...

Good stuff Charlie

eastwood said...

Nicely done! Sometimes virtual nonsense is the stuff that can keep us going when we need that little push. A ride is never a bad way to end a bad day.