Monday, November 28, 2011

Long weekend of Thanks

Neal planned a sunrise Ride of Thanks. Half the guys were on rigid singlespeeds, the other half on geared hardtails. The Harmonizer took it upon himself to ride to the ride with a 48" gear. Not exactly ideal for the road ( 100rpm = 14.5 mph, 34 miles of tarmac).

I was thankful for Neal's donuts

Tradition fire on the beach scheduled from 3:01-3:36 PM

Thankfully JEB is a crafty good baker

The Tofurkey Burner
If you look closely at the picture of a guy taking a picture you'll notice 2 GIRLS!  The Tofurkey Burner started off with 12 riders.  The ladies were amongst the 7 that went the distance.

Back to the Nass w/ James
(and where were you?)
we started with arm and leg warmers, but were down to just shorts and jerseys by half way

Oooh, scary!
 What is truly scary is how many people actually hunt in Nassahegon when it is so close to residential and  widely used by hikers, bikers, and runners.

Home-made fuel

and now for something completely different...
Team Createx / Benidorm
"Super Largo" ride


fabian said...

It's a Holiday on wheels!

tony- texas car shipper said...

Cool blog & pics, I love oatmeal cookies...