Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's like this:

Here's the stats on my Movember Fund raising campaign.
Dollars raised:
Marble Design.
aka ME

So it's going to work like this; if you want me to keep growing this "thing", looking ever more ridiculous by the hour you had better pony up some cash.

OR if you really care about Mrs CB2, you can make a donation with a message to that effect and I'll shave "it" off.

Vote with your wallet:  Charlie looking foolish, or Mrs CB2 not embarrassed (less embarrassed) to be seen in public with me.


Mookie said...

Ok, so that's like a week's growth? I think that's an afternoon for me. Do you have a direct link to donate? I'd like to contribute to the cause and the ridiculousness.

CB2 said...

In the text of the post there is a link as well as over on the right hand side of the page with all the other links.
No amount is too small, but give til it hurts!

fabian said...

How much stach ridiculousness does 10 bucks buy?