Friday, November 11, 2011

Aint no Candy Mountain

As lovely as Blü.2's maiden voyage was, all was not paradise on the ride.
Two issue kept on rearing their ugly heads to distract me from the ride.
First and most annoying:  I fouled my brake pads bleeding the brakes.  Hayes recommends removing them when you bleed the brakes, I never have, but this time I guess I should have.
Screaming Banshees!
Everytime I thought I had burned off the contamination the squeal would come back.
You guys are gonna love me on Sunday (no pads "in stock").

Second issue:  Pedals.  Or maybe cleats.  First my left shoe wouldn't stay clipped in, and then both of them.  I had been last using these pedals on a 1x8 setup and hadn't noticed a problem, but with the way you ride SS I guess you're more likely to pull a foot out.

I hope it's just the cleats.  Time and time again, I'll get pissed off with Crank Brothers, swear I'll never use them again and switch back to Time.  I was lured in by their latest redesign replacing the bushing with a needle bearing.  Ironically I just had to overhaul the right one (less than a year old) because the needle bearing exploded. 
They are the best in snow, which will soon be an unfortunate reality.
I wish Time's were lighter or the lighter ones were cheaper.

That got a little rambly.

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