Monday, January 26, 2009


Put together a nice 5 mile loop of mostly hard-packed snow at the res today. Either following tire tracks from 4x4's, XC Ski tracks that hikers had trampled (uncool, but it gave me something to ride), making a single track out of the fireroads. The actual singletrack was like a luge run. Wicked Hellish if I may use the vernacular of my youth. Not too tough, but a few climbs to get your attention.

I was able to do 3 laps at a fairly decent pace. First was fastest, second was slowest. I made the last tough climb on the first lap, but had to run the last 1/3 to 1/4 the next two times up.

Ideally there would have been a lap 4, but it was getting dark, and I really didn't have it in me. So instead I learned when it's 26 F out a cool down lap is a stupid, stupid thing.

On a side note this was first time I rode Mary Jane in almost 3 months. I built the Soma as a Winter bike, but with it being consistently below freezing, not much slop to worry about.
Freewheels, hydraulic discs and suspension forks are just so 21st century; I feel like such a New World Man.

Rick, bring us home:

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James said...

Wicked hellish! I like that!