Friday, February 6, 2009

Something better to do Friday after work?



start of the good stuff

down hill twisty=fun on the fixie

Today at the res. the trails were all mine. Of the 3 laps I did, I crossed paths with one jogger. Once.
And today was the warmest day so far this week.
This isn't just a Winter phenomenon either. I've noticed a definite sparsity to the trails on Friday afternoons. I guess people would rather get their drink on than ride their bikes, or be outside for that matter.
Being the anti social SOB that I am this is A OK in my book.

I can understand why the Inuit people have so many different words for snow too. The trails have been different every day this week, and the temperature has been within 10 degrees, all below freezing all three days.

Looks like one more good day of snow riding before the big "heat wave".


Mookie said...

How much better was it today than the day you and I were out? I still have nightmares about that sufferfest. I heard on the radio today that we've had something like 3 days above 32 (for a high) since December 20th. Ridiculous.

CB2 said...

I'm doing a shorter 5 mile loop that is lower down so it gets more hiker / skier traffic, so it is pretty well packed down. Nightmares? I thought riding was a blast that day!