Monday, February 16, 2009

A Buena Vista Rd

Buena Vista is the first, almost indiscernible bump on the graph; only about 6 minute into my ride.

Close to home there is a short twisty road...that goes straight up. From the top switchback there is a pleasant view of our capitol city; a Buena Vista, hence the name.

Buena Vista Rd. used to be my route to the res. when I road geared mtb's. Only about a 1/4 mile long; a short steep monster with two wall like switch backs.

I'd grind up it in my 22x28 (20.4") on the mtb. When I ride my road bike, I'm in my 39x26 (39.6"). If I still rode a compact I'd be in my 34x26 (34.5"). Occasionally, if I'm feeling randy, I'll take my mtb w/ a 52" gear up the switchbacks. More often than not, I'll opt for the bailout on Everett Ave. at the first switchback and cross over to Sunset Farm Rd via Gin Still Ln (wonder what they used to do there?).

Sunday, I was heading out to E. Granby on the Fun Machine (71.4" fixed gear). Old Mt. Rd was on the agenda, as well as some rollers in T'ville, Granby, and Bloomfield. But what if...

James and Alex had thrown some decent climbs at me on the fixed gear, maybe today was the day I gave Buena Vista a shot.

I tried to pick up some speed past the ice rink and aquatic center before I hit the first slope, but was slightly hindered by people who didn't fully realize that yes, I do indeed have some divine right of passage over them.

Hit Buena Vista, and just wasn't feeling it. Ground up to Everett and headed straight to bail.

"Hold on a second here Mr. Baby pants" a voice inside of me exclaimed, "You're not even going to try?!"

The shame of walking is less than the shame of bailing so I quickly u-turned and headed back toward my "Great White Whale".

The main slope of the road isn't too extreme; you are using your whole body pushing up it, pulling on the bars and rocking your weight on the pedals, but nothing to curse about.

The last switchback on the other hand is the brute. My Garmin says the maximum grade was 18.3%. I don't know how it calibrates that but I'd beg to differ on the last 50' of that climb. Pulling with all of my body, pushing with every once, barely turning the pedals over. My cadence at the top was probably around 30 rpm, if that!

But I made it. If it was any longer who knows, but it is what it is. The road quickly leveled and turned down. I didn't stop to look at the view, I was just at the beginning of what would turn to be a great ride.

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