Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make it Stop!

I really can't complain.
The snow was still too soft at the res. to get off the paved loop, but there are still some nice hills, and scenic vistas. Even with trying not to be a dick to the walkers and joggers I still averaged a respectable HR.
The problem with doing loops is the songs like this get stuck in your head!

You'll have to use your imagination; some lawyer types disapprove of the unauthorized use of crappy 80's metal.

So please hikers, walkers, skiers and joggers, I beg you, pack down the snow so I can get this horror out of me!


James said...

I couldn't get the volume to work. So I don't know what song that was. Could have been rock me, rock me, rock me or Sweet, sweet, sinning?

CB2 said...

Round and Round. I hope it get stuck in your head too now.
I linked it without listen to it; it was bad enough it was in my head w/o having to hear it again.
Turns out there is no volume because "Ratt" disapproves of the unauthorized use of their intellectual property.