Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Velo Nocturnus

Tonight was the first meeting of Velo Nocturnus, and although the group was small and I had to be a party pooper, what great fun.

Brian, Kerry and I met at Cornerstone @ 6:00 PM, and snuck into the res. through Sunset Farm. I felt we needed to keep a brisk pace until we were sufficiently up the hill so we wouldn't have to worry about "the man". We'd regroup not at intersections of trail and fireroad, but randomly deep away from any motor-vehicle access.

I think I had my light pretty well dialed in; I was still able to maintain a decent pace, and only met up with a couple misplaced rocks. We took a couple of leaf induced detours, but nothing too crazy. Fireroads were great too because you could go full on.

I believe it was Brian's first night ride, and he was using borrowed lights. He made it half way, and decided to call it a night.

Unfortunately Kim had a meeting w/ other Girl Scouts leaders so I had to skip the after ride pizza and beverages, but Kerry and I had a blast and are planning on making it a weekly thing.

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