Saturday, November 1, 2008

Product Review: FSA SLK Saddle takes one for the team

I was having a hard time finding my "go to" saddle lately, the original Sella Italia Flite, so I thought I would give the FSA SLK saddle a go.
The price was right, and the advertised weight was good.
I first tried it on my road bike.
The subtle difference from one saddle to the next make a huge difference between a happy Charlie, and well, not so much.
The SLK is slightly wider at the nose, and with the smaller Q factor on a road bike, my thighs of thunder would rub said nose. I'd get used to it after a while, and didn't cause any chaffing or other ill will to me, but annoyed the crap out of me.
Next stop the MTB.
One the MTB, with the wider "Q", there was no rubbing. Hallelujah! But with a Thomson seat post I couldn't tilt it completely level. Very odd. I switched to a Ritchey post where I could level the saddle and it was firm, but comfortable. However once tilted level, if you have to get behind the saddle, your shorts and or naughty bits can get caught on the cut outs at the back of the saddle. Another strike if you ride steep techie stuff.
But today as I was hurtling over the bars trying to descend the "Chair Trail" stupid fast the SLK showed uncommon valor as it took the brunt of a tree, saving me and my Ol' Pal Stumpy from harm.

Plus': Light, relatively affordable, comfortable.

Minus': Doesn't work with all posts, wider nose, gelding maker

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