Friday, November 21, 2008

Nothing Shook Loose: Shakedown update

After another night fumbling through the dark, the Juice is still solid and complete.
I cut the "Lower Antler Trail" out of my ride because I heard something howling in the wetlands and getting closer. I had no desire to see if it was a coyote or a wolf or how large Eastern variants get.
Switching to Ignitors made a huge difference; they're only a pound lighter (for both), but boy did they improve the ride! Bike seems to have more "zip" and traction.
Bar light did dimmed over the course of the ride. I'll swap batteries to see if it's because of the cold.
I'm definitely putting 175's on it. I got myself into a couple of situations last night were that little extra leverage would have made a difference.
Today I get to see how it rides in daylight!

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