Monday, November 17, 2008

Fixie Fever!

I seem to always get to the party late. I didn't start singlespeeding until 2006, or a 29'er until 2007. In fact I was of the opinion that singlespeeds were stupid, and 29'ers wouldn't be any good for some one my size, riding the twisty technical terrain we have in New England.
Guess what? I was wrong.
With fixed gears I was never quite so opinionated. They seemed interesting, but I never really took the time to try one out.
I made a couple of lame duck attempts, but didn't receive instant gratification, so I put it on the back burner.

Friday was damp and drizzly. My rain bike, the Fun Machine, had been hanging on a hook since Winter, stoically waiting for it's turn. Perfect time to give it another try.
I headed North towards Tariffville. My first challenge was descending Talcott Notch Rd. As my speed picked up, I instinctively tried to coast, and was greeted by my cranks insistence that I can not. Uncontrollable terror filled my gut and mind as I tried to reign the speed down. A trial by fire, I faced with again, as i descended into Avon. By the time I got to Tariffville, I began to be able regulate speed a little better, and even relax on the descents a bit trusting myself and my bike, knowing the road would tilt up again soon. Confidence grew and grew, and by the time i got to my street I was trying to do scorchers.

Saturday it was actually raining. The Fun Machine is the only bike I have with full fenders, so I decided lets keep the good times rolling.
I thought I had had an ample breakfast, but by about the third pedal revolution, I was having hunger pangs. My initial ride plan was to do a little loop around W.htfd, and try and hook up with CB1 for his morning fire-road flyer. After hitting some rough pavement and hearing my fenders rattle, I decided against such nonsense and head back towards Avon and Simsbury. I picked up the bike path by Avon Old Farms school, and rode it to Weatogue. I'm usually not a fan of bike paths, but I figured I'd have it to myself giving the weather, and I did, except for all the leaves. It gets a little confusing around Rt 44.
In Weatogue I jumped back on Rt 10 and headed to Nod Rd to head home.
Remember that hunger? When I connected back with Rt 10, I saw a beautiful oasis of light; Avon Cider Mills fritter stand was open! The scent of apple cider donuts and fritters wafted to the street. Me, not one red cent! Note to self put money in saddle bag!
Oh well, I solider on home enjoying the control and connection I was gaining with the bike, planning my next ride.


Mark said...

Work firewall has the second pic obscured but from the first one it looks like you have some cross tires on that bad boy. Trying taking it off road fixed -- it's a blast!

I will say one thing about fixed gear riding, if you want to build improve your off road riding, then ride fixed gear. Since I have started riding fixed I can climb so much better now, whether I am geared or SS.

ec scorcher said...

Welcome to the party! Don't worry about being late, no one's gone home yet!!
I remember my first day on fixed. The concept of downhill being more difficult than uphill was a hard one to grab hold of!

CB2 said...

Man, do you have a good eye!
I know it has 'cross tires on it, and I still can't tell from that shot!

Mark said...

You can see the front tire has an uneven pattern which tells me knobs. Of course they could be Kenda Kross tires which are really not Cyclocross tires.

Trying to ride without using the brake makes riding fixed the most challenging.