Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday.  I thought my long streak of having my birthday off was going to come to an end, but due to a bizzare twist of fate I found myself with the day free. I didn't mind if I had to work; I had the two adjacent days off and I really like my job an the people I work with.

Did I ride?
Well, I guess the streak was broken after all.

I did re-caulk the tub, cleared the drains, cleaned my shop and filled our dumpster so the lid wouldn't close.

But I digress...

Local trails.  We all have them.  I've written before about how after so many years I'm still not bored riding at the res.  I look at it sort of like a puzzle.  Half the fun is trying new ways to link the trails to keep them fresh.

Today was one of those days.
I didn't want to drive anywhere but I wanted to get in a decent ride.  I could do a TdT, but the weather was not as promised, and I was a little short on time so staying local(er) was the way to go.  I could do a Kitchen Sink, but with the construction there, parts might be blocked off.

Then I got the idea for a Super Sidewinder Loop.  I'd get the mileage, time, elevation gain, and terrain I wanted without crossing RT44.  By varying the order and direction of the trails things would stay interesting.

And they were.

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