Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sandy came and hit the East coast pretty hard.

The Res was not spared.

Do to the nature of a lot of wood that falls in high wind (rotted and dead)

I was able to break a rough loop through.

The West side was hit the worst, but, you can ride a pretty normal loop now*.  There were 4 trees down that were too big for me alone; they'll need a man power, saws, and or an engineer to move.

*singlespeed friendly, derailleur?  Well...


dougyfresh said...

In a few more weeks I should be well enough to be out there with a hand saw to help clear trail.

Great to see you Saturday. Thanks for coming out!!

CB2 said...

It was a wonderful day Doug, thaks for having us! Hopefully the trails will be back in shape just in time for you and Ginger to ride!!!