Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Karma's Revenge

Monday started off on the wrong foot.  In the rush to get out of the house I left my cycling shoes at home.   So much for the plan of riding home.  The Sunday Princess would merely be an ornament atop the Volvo.

But when Collin went on a doughnut run he returned with a Snicker's for me.   Not just the regular size one, but the double!  All because I'd treated him to coffee in the past.


Then when I was loading up my car, I spied an old pair of mtb shoes.  I ride Crank Brothers pedals on the road too, so it looks like I'm in business once again.

Double Sweet!!

But my helmet.  I'd hate to ride home at night without one.
What's that in the backseat?   Quinny's helmet!
God bless that giant melon of yours boy!


Rode home and it was good.

Today started off great.  Everyone got off to school okay and Dr. Stephanie took care of my choppers toot sweet.

I was on my bike with plenty of time to get 50 or 60 miles in before it was time to pick up LB from school.

But then I stopped for a snack.

Thought I'd get all clever and post a picture of my snack with a snarky little remark.

The tides turned.

The skies opened up (way to go Scott Haney!).
My legs felt sluggish and tight.
My Strava app stopped working.

The climbing around the Barkhamsted Reservoir warmed me but when I reached the top and stopped to turn on my blinkies, my hands would barely function and my legs were wobbly beneath me.

What goes up must come down.
I pedaled furiously down the hills in an effort to keep warm.  Hand hardly functioning.  Praying nothing would  unexpectedly cross my path as I wasn't sure I could will my hands to squeeze the brakes.

I saw a sign; New Hartford 9 Miles.

9 miles?


With all the time I had will I make it to Canton in time to get my car and pick up Lillian?

The urgency helped.
Crossing the reservoir on 181 I felt the warmth of the water.  It also signaled I was reasonably close to the shop.

"Canton 6 Miles" was the next sign I saw.

6 miles?

That can't be right.
I didn't dare look at my clock.

The road was flat(ish) and fast.  I got to Benidorm @ 1:49 PM
Just enough time to get changed and only be slightly late.

But Coleman had dry socks for me, and checking my phone, LB had a detention for being late, so I'd be on time (ironic?).

Hopefully my karmic debt is settled.

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dougyfresh said...

detention for being late? is that what our schools are doing now-a-days?