Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Month

I find a mere day far too short for celebrating all that is me and my circling of the Sun another revolution, so I've taken to celebrating a Birthday Month.

Being so close to the beginning of the month it is good to kick it off with a bang and then bathe in the warm after glow until we celebrate some Jewish guy's birthday near the end of the month.

Neal captured me riding a geriatric width "skinny"

 As enamoured as I am with my Waltworks fork, I had to ride Bl├╝.2; riding gears would seem just so wrong on my birthday.

Keep it up and you'll end up riding on a bike down by the river!

Sunday I kept the party going by joining the Benidorm boys for about as flat a metric as you could possibly ride around here.

The fun part now is keeping it rolling along for the next 26 days!

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Todd H. said...

I know those Case trails well... some of my favorite....