Sunday, July 17, 2011

Race Nightmare

Friday night I had a dream.

I went to a friend's house before the race to visit for a bit, but when I got there his wife threw herself to the ground and started wailing.
Their house seemed strange.  Most of their furniture was missing and they had a downstairs roommate.  He had the stairwell lined with empty Harpoon IPA 12 packs.  Their floors were newly refinished, but had deep scars.
When I got to the race it turned out it had already started.  My parents had come to help.  I rushed to get ready to make up some of the 14 minutes I was already behind.  I asked my Dad for a water bottle and he just stood there smiling and nodding his head.  I asked again and still the same.  It was as if he just didn't understand what I was saying and was just nodding out of habit.
I gave up on getting the bottle from him and looked for my jersey.  It was at the bottom of my cooler, wet and dirty from my last race.

Fortunately I woke up.


fabian said...

Cool dream!

Nathaniel said...

I got chills just reading that. Hope the race went better than your dream!