Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boneyard Preview

Wrath of the Boneyard or whatever it was called back in 1996 was the first race I did as a "Sport" rider.  It is where I coined the term "middle third" as to not say I finished in the bottom half (even if I finished in the bottom half of the middle third).  That year it was in April and it was raining.  I remember laying face down in a puddle at some point...
Flash forward 15 years and Fabian was kind enough to give a preview of the new "Wrath of the Boneyard" race course last week, and here are some of my impressions.
It is a challenging course.  Has more climbing per mile than Domnarski Farm, and is probably the rockiest course in the Root 66 series.
The rocks look intimidating, but are very rideable.  People have been asking me if I'll run a suspension fork for it and the answer is "probably not".  With a little speed and careful line choice, you can ride the crests of the rocks pretty well.  The descents are actually some of the smoothest, rock free sections of the course, which may or may not be saying something because the course as a whole has a lot of rocksThere are some sections of singletrack through pine needles too.
Eastwood, is doing the Boneyard as his first Cat3 race gives his impressions here.
Fabian is going all out for this race and I'm sure he and his compatriots at the Meriden Motorcycle Club are going to make it a stellar event.  This guy here goes so far as to say they put on a kickass event.
Should be fun, and it's only $23.

Here's a little footage of it's name sake.

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Todd H. said...

Holy crap, really? Is there even a trail there? You you there Sunday!