Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

This time of year my hours of exercise are reduced. So I like to try and limit my caloric intake to some degree. I still eat an obscene amount by some standards but I cut out the unlimited cookie buffet.
Which leads me to trying to find alternative snacks for work. I tend to eat a lot of "enriched" flour based snacks (enriched stands for "Ingredients Charlie can't pronounce"). Cookies, bagels, crackers. I have the impression that this isn't good.
I do eat a lot of fruit and yogurt, but how many apples and bananas can one eat in a day.
So in my search for an alternative, some how I thought prunes might be good.
My dad eats prunes, he's a pretty cool guy.
They taste good enough. Seem to satisfy my hunger. Maybe I've found something?
Then a gurgle...and a rumble...and I'm percolating like Mr. Coffee.
There isn't really any laxative effect, other than just a massive stirring of the pot if you will. I'm a pretty "regular" guy, and I really don't need to add anymore stops to the express, so maybe the prunes legendary effects are fighting with my already well oiled machine?
Prunes are not the answer to my quest.
I did write this lovely Haiku in their honor:

Tried a new snack, Prunes
Warm air bubble fills my pants
I hope it's not wet.

Maybe I'll try figs?


Mookie said...

I guy I used to ride with a while back swore by figs.

I'm glad to know you're "regular".

MMcG said...

How about Dates? I hear they are good and good for you.

James said...

Go with the figs. They taste better too.

Big Bikes said...

Figs or even better: Fig Newtons or Newman's or some other improved fig product.

the original big ring said...

prunes . . . look pretty much the same way they did going in as they do going out