Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Day For a Ride

My morning wasn't going so well, which made me pessimistic about my chances of enjoying a ride after work.
It went sort of like this:
  • Google decided to play hide 4 turns on the directions to the jobsite
  • When I got to the site, a dumptruck had just pulled in and blocked the driveway while it was getting filled. When it's finally loaded, he backs down the steep Southern exposed (Southern exposure = mud) driveway so I can pull in to make my delivery.
  • Unload the truck, only to be blocked in by a propane truck making a delivery; driver would not make eye contact with me as he meticulously cleaned his hose
  • Get out of the driveway with minimal mud flinging and go to the bookstore to pick up a book for my son. Old confused lady in front of me at the information desk, line of old confused people in front of me at the register.
  • Must be "Old and Confused Celebration Day" because every driver on the road is such.
  • Also must be "Patch a Hole" day because they were doing so in both CT, and NY.
So you can understand my lack of optimism.
But on the return trip everything began to change. No road work headed East, and the elderly were either staying to the right, or already lining up for the early bird and I was beginning to make great time. Get back to the shop, return some calls, and how 'bout that, kind of late to start anything but late enough to slip off to the res. without feeling guilty!

Grunt up the Western fence line to the ridge, making the first tracks since I rode Tuesday morning.
As I get to the main loop (were others have ridden) I notice how the other riders tracks go around the ledges, rocks and logs that I'm going to ride over. 5 years ago, I'd be taking the easier line, but riding SS has given me new skills that give me the confidence to ride the more techie stuff.
As I get to the Antler Trail, I have a choice of riding an extra fireroad climb and drop back down the Chair Trail to the main climb to the Eastern Fence Line. I've got the daylight so I take the extra climb.
Some how the Eastern side of the Res. has gotten a lot more traffic than the West, which makes for a nice 12" singletrack of "Ski Resort Parking Lot" hard packed snow.
As I descend I'm very much reminded of my years skiing, squeezing in that last run with the last streaks of sun turning the snow pink. Of course I had told myself back at the truck that there was no need in bringing a camera, which I am now regretting.
I get back to the truck and I'm spent. Funny feeling so wasted averaging only 7mph. I noticed a stick sticking out of my helmet. I thought it looked funny so I decided to share.

What a great day!

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James said...

Wish you were here.