Thursday, February 25, 2010

Petter Northug

I think I'm developing a man-crush.
Watching Northug devour a 37 second deficit, leap-frogging from 4th to Silver in the 4x 10k relay was inspiring.
The only reason I own XC skis is so the weather will never get good enough to use them and I can keep on riding my bike, but watching the Olympics almost makes me rethink that (for about 2 seconds).
I'm in awe of the effort the athletes put out too. I'm sure there is some dramatics to the collapsing as they cross the line, but on Northug's charge he passed a skier who was working so hard he was drooling! That's leaving it all out there.
And what about Biathlon?
Why isn't that covered on a regular basis? It's got laps and guns; what more could you ask for?
Hopefully it will stop raining long enough to play "hardman of the North" on the Fun Machine this weekend, pretending to challenge the cobbles and cols of Het Volk.


Mookie said...

When are you catching XC skiing? I haven't seen more than 5 minutes. Of course, gay ice dancing is on every freakin' night. Snot and drool accumulates when you're maxed the eff out and you're unable to wipe it off. I appreciate seeing an elite athlete like that laying it all out there. Sorry I'm amped right now; I just got back from doing hill repeats in pouring 40 degree rain. Yummy.

CB2 said...

Gay Ice Dancing? They have that now?

Manicmtbr said...

After our last two storms that rendered the trails unrideable (still after two plus weeks!), I actually took the opportunity to dust off the skis and get some skiing done. It was a lot of fun (I had only been twice in the past) and I was able to get a really good workout in. It seemed to transition well to the road bike once our roads cleared out enough to ride a bike on them. We are getting from 1 to 12 inches tonight, so I may get to wake up and ski again! (but I would much rather be riding my bike in the woods, which still have a foot of old snow!)

Big Bikes said...

Just watched that on the DVR. My heart-rate might have been higher than Northug's by the end.

If the finish line histrionics are contrived, the chest-heaving is and ice-drolling is damn convincing.