Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tale of Two Riders

It sure is nice to get out early before there is any traffic. I can feel safe about riding in the street without having to resort to riding on the shoulder.
Oh shit! That guy passing that tractor trailer parked on the side of the road is over the yellow line! Shit! Emergency! Emergency! Swerve into the shoulder!
Back to the road.
What's this idiot doing riding up fast behind me in the shoulder?
Passing me on the right? What an ass.
Who knew there'd be so many psychos out this early.

Well I got I good start to my commute, hope the lights are kind.
What's this guy doing riding in the middle of the street, when there is a clean 8'-10' shoulder? If all roads where like this, drivers and cyclist would never have any trouble with one another.
What's he swerving all over the place for?
Well he sees me coming up on him, is he going to move over?
I'd be close to the yellow passing him on the left, maybe I'll just pass him in the shoulder it's so big. Luxurious even.
Don't think I'd feel comfortable riding with him.
On to work.

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