Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not sure if it's good or bad?

Yesterday I felt thoroughly worked over. As though I had been put in a sack and beaten with a bag of oranges.
My head ached, my back ached, my shoulders were sore, it felt like I jammed both my thumbs.
Had Mookie worked me over that hard on Tuesday night?
As per usual, I took Monday, the day after a race off. This isn't a concrete law, but is the norm, and I've only broke it when I've needed to ride to work. Plus it was Quinny's birthday so there was cake to eaten and gifts to unwrap. It just so happens a Lego Darth Vader Tie fighter cost the exact same amount as you win at races in Keene N.H.
So I had a day of rest.
I didn't think riding with Alex really was pushing it, and other than my back feeling a little tweaked, I felt pretty good.
I even went to bed fairly early, and actually slept in a bit, so much so that riding to work wasn't an option.
But then I wake a crooked, twisted heap of humanity?
I struggled through the day alternating between chugging water and caffeine, not to mention a fist full of Tylenol.
Slight improvements were realized by the end of the day, but man, I felt spent.
Wake up this morning, all is wonderful. Just like that. My back still has the slightest bit of tenderness, but I'd give it a 95% if I had to rate it.
Did I just need an extra day of recovery? Was I dehydrated?
I don't know.
I do know I felt super strong this morning, but who wouldn't feel good when it's 60 F out with a dew point in the mid 50's?
I hope this lasts!

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Mookie said...

Everybody has their recipe for recovery and you being a ss'er I'm sure there are other elements to the recovery piece. I've found that a light 30 minute SCR spin the day after a very hard effort works wonders to get blood into the legs for repair. I feel pretty good despite my shoulder, hip, and shin aching from my fall on the rocks. That kinda hurt. Also, you should try yoga. I'm doing it up in Litchfield Wed. nights and let me tell ya, it works wonders.