Saturday, August 22, 2009


Tomorrow I'm racing a venue I'm unfamiliar with. My reliable source hasn't raced there either.
I've compare elevation gain with previous races, and it falls somewhere between Winsted Woods, and West Hill.
At least I think it does. Garmin has change their system and I've noticed significant differences in elevation gain from their old "Motion Based" system.
Winsted a 20 was perfect. West Hill a 21 was a little tall on the last lap.
Tire choice.
Unless I want to drive to the shop and change tires, I can run any tire, as long as it's a Conti Race King.
With the dry weather we've enjoyed these past couple of weeks they have been perfect, but with weekend showers?
Such is the price of running tubeless without a compressor at home.
I guess we'll find out how these things will work out tomorrow.

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