Thursday, June 18, 2009


Most of my riding is solo, especially during the week, so today I had the rare opportunity to show Doug Jansen, the Hill Junkie, around my home trails. But that's not all! Special guest rider Alex "Mookie" Combes also joined us.

They both have big events this weekend so a social / recreational pace was requested. Fortunately I was able to get there early enough to try and get my ya ya's out before leading them through my rocky muddy home trail network.

When I did get back to the trailhead, in classic Charlie style they were waiting for me at one end of the parking lot as I waited at the other. We finally hooked up and hit the trails.

I was glad the trails had some chance to drain, as they were a sloppy mess on Tuesday. The Kerry trail was still a mess, and I took the fireroad up to the East fence line, to avoid the inevitable mud pit on the trail to the fence from the lower Antler trail.

When I first started riding at the Res., I looked at certain technical sections as challenge stages, much like the arcade game Galaga. As I approach these sections even to this day, the theme music to that adolescent favorite still rings through my head.

Anyhoo...challenge after challenge, Doug and Alex took in stride, cleaning technical climbs still slick from this non-stop rain we've been plagued with. Sections regulars at the Res. hardly ever clean, they made look easy.

Speaking of easy, it sure is easier riding with a good head of steam. It harder to float over the roots and rocks when you slow it down a notch. But it's probably good for me to vary my intensity.

It was great meeting Doug, and I was super impressed with Alex's new technical abilities; Motor+skills=Podium.

What better after a ride: rice/bean/avocado burritos!


Mookie said...

I was super jealous of the dinner that awaited you. How was the ice cream? Thanks again for the tour of your stomping grounds and the props for my technical improvements which are a work in progress. My quote to Doug before we met up with you: "I will go on record to say that NOONE knows the Res better than Charlie Beal." You're awesome.

CB2 said...

Ice cream was a no go. Kim just bought the ice cream maker yesterday and it didn't have a chance to get cold enough, although their first attempt looked yummy.
Hopefully we can get out together more in the future (I'll even suck it it up and ride gears on the road).

Hill Junkie said...

Charlie - thanks for the tour of your stomping grounds. Great loop. It was a perfect way to cap off a day stuffed into a small conference room. I was certainly humbled by your technical prowess on a rigid singlespeed. Some day when I grow up to be a real mountain biker, I want to be able to ride like you!

If Alex didn't say differently, I'd swear he's been riding for 10 years. He will definitely take down some strong riders at the VT50.

CB2 said...

Shucks Doug, you cleaned as much if not more than me!

James said...

Riding with Charlie at the Res is kinda like watching a video game. He's got that place dieled. He's really hard to keep up with and I don't even do all the crazy log skinnys and stumps he does. I just shake my head in amazement.
Nice work Mookie. I think all of the Mt. bike races are well below the technical level of the Res. So if you do well there you are set. MT. Snow is the only exception.