Thursday, June 4, 2009

I shouldn't complain...

When I finished my ride this evening, I was somewhat disappointed. I wanted to ride at least 1:45, and my ride was only 1:36.

The only other ride I've had this week was at Case, which was more technical noodling than training so I wanted to put in a good effort today.

I've put together a new training loop this year at the Res. that incorporates more fireroads so I can work on my spin and descending. In the past I would do a sort of reverse out and back to get the maximum amount of climbing and singletrack in, but this route I've come up with has all the climbs (and more) of the original, but cuts out the backtracking.

The fireroads work well for trying to ride at a high intensity too; less burst of power, more constant effort.

So I was feeling decent tonight, I had my computer on mileage, not time, when I got to the spot I usually start descending back down to the trailhead I decided to keep climbing so I could take in one last technical climb. I had checked my time at the 10 mile mark and I was at 1:06; a good time for the spot, and although this route is newer, I was pretty sure I'd make my time goal, especially with adding the extra 1/2 mile.

Back at the truck, I feel good; it was a good workout. Then I checked my time. 1:36? Not only had I not rode as long as I wanted, at that pace I could have eek-ed out another mile or two before I wandered into bad-dad territory.

But I guess I really shouldn't be complaining; when I got home and checked my ride log, my previous route best was 1:39 on the 1/2 mile shorter route.

Maybe racing more this year is paying dividends? Maybe I need a new route?

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