Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Summit shot. Camera phones don't do too well shooting into the light

I had a delivery out to Pawtucket RI yesterday, so since I'd be East of the river anyways, I figured it would be a perfect day for Case Mountain.

On the drive out to RI I made a few observations:

  • Beautiful country out RT6 in Eastern CT; must be some fine ridin' in them thar hills

  • All the closed /for-sale commercial property out there is depressing

  • The engineer who designed the highway through Providence must have been drunk

  • Finally, people heading West out of Providence must have been sharing with the engineer

After some Mapquest follies, I find my way down to the Spring Street parking area and the fun starts.

Case is a really great place to work on your technical skills. Twisty rocky fun with some natural and man made features to challenge you.

I don't know the area well enough to put together a good cardio loop, at least from that side. I have come home from the Birch Mt. side pretty spent though.

Fortunately this was sort of a last hurrah ride for me, as business is picking up enough that I'll be relying on the kindness of family for deliveries out that far.

Perfect day for a "hurrah".

Mountain Laurel tunnels

Mysterious "ladder trees" conveniently fall in the forest


Mookie said...

Rte. 6 sure is beautiful. I used to go for long drives out that way when I was at UCONN.

James said...

Any trail you would call technical must be damn hard. Looks like fun!

CB2 said...

No more technical than Nassahegan. Maybe a little rockier.