Friday, December 19, 2008

I salute you my Brother!

The weathermen, all the weathermen, were very specific: we're going to get snow, and a lot of it, and quick! In trying to get work wrapped up for the Holiday shutdown I've been working long days, knowing that if I sucked it up through Saturday, Christmas week would be easy-peasy.

Well look were sucking it up has got me, I haven't ridden all week, and now we have a storm coming!
Only one thing to do; go in super early, and try and beat the snow to the trails.

Finished up about 11:00 AM and made a mad dash for the door, so mad it turns out I left my coat and sneakers at the shop. Who cares, they'll be there in the morning, this might be my last chance to ride trails for quite a while.

From the freeze and thaw cycle, the res. was covered in a sort of giant frosted flakes frozen together kind of ice. For the most part, you'd crunch right through, for the most part... The crackle of ice only made the wheels turn a little slower, and beneath the leaves everything was frozen solid. A couple of climbs, were a little slick, but overall the ride-ability of the trails was good.

As I made my loop, the clockwise double mint fun loop (regular res loop, where I loop back around to hit a couple nice climbs), I noticed two of other sets of tracks. One set went around every log, and generally took the easy way out. The other was riding, ice be damned, over every log, rock and obstacle that the MDC could throw at them.

As I was admiring my new found kindred spirit's lines, I found a good reason to take the easy way out; icy rocks. Ice on rocks isn't crunchy, its slick (no duh).
So for a total of 50', studs might have been nice, but I doubt I'll bite the bullet and buy a set; just won't get enough use (I said that about disc brakes too). crackle of ice only made the wheels turn a little slower.

My long lost cycling brother/sister didn't take the Antler Trail on his/her loop, which is where I saw the first flurries.

Now it's really coming down.

I'll have a little extra work tomorrow, but it was so worth it!

Sorry, no pictures. I forgot my camera in my rush for one last snow free ride too.

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