Monday, December 8, 2008

"Almost Like Cheating"

That was the hyperbole expressed about Kenda Nevegals 29x2.2 in a MTBR review. I thought they'd make a good Winter tire, and they do, but they ain't magic. They are big and squishy, yet still roll pretty good. They hook up well, but no better than my standard go to the Maxxis Ignitor. But then again damp leaves over half frozen mud is quite the test for any tire. They do have phenomenal sidewall stiffness which lets you run stupid low pressure without rim strikes; I was @ 15 PSI on Saturday up front. They were particularly fun at cruising speed over rocky rooty ridge.

On Sunday James and I had a little fun in the snow. We did a zig-zaggy reverse loop at the W. Htfd Res. I tried to fit as much of the good stuff in as possible, only occasionally opting for the easy way out. I'd rate it at about a 6.5 on the slippiness scale. Enough snow to make it interesting, but not enough to really force a lot of hiking. James kept on berating his ability in the conditions, however he was always on my wheel, so he was making up for it somehow. He did complain once about almost dying sliding off a cliff or some such triviality, but other than that it was a blast. We saw 6 other riders , including Kerry and Charlie B (CB1), enjoy the late Autumn snow as well (that's 6 more people than I saw out Saturday).

James didn't fully understand just how pathetically slow my camera was:

When the fun is over I'm glad my basement has a floor drain:

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