Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

How was my Birthday; pretty freakin' sweet!
Skipped out of work (yes, I literally skipped) after 3.5 hours and treated myself to some store bought coffee.

Coffee in hand it was off to one of the happiest places in the world.

Photos do not do justice toe the awesome nature of Penwood's awesomeness.

After the obligatory chimney photo-op I descended into Tariffville for the sole purpose of climbing back up to the Metacomet ridge. I questioned the wisdom of this once I began the ascent.

Below is an example of how photos distort grades. I stopped to pick up my mini pump that must have been the victim of a wardrobe malfunction on the way to T-ville, and snapped this shot of what is actually a nice little grunt of a climb.

After riding it was on to lunch with my parents and nephew Braeden.

Put the butter knife down, she's your cousin! Kim brought Quinn and Lillian to join us after school.

I hope I get my wish!

Ahh, sleepy children watching Rudolph (wish comes true).

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Todd H. said...

Happy, 25 already?!?! LOL
I love this time of year watching the kids fall asleep to Christmas shows, too.