Friday, October 24, 2008

You Say Tomato, I Say Oh DoShut Up!

I live in a house divided. Lets just say it's now a shade of purple. Doesn't matter who's "Blue" and who's "Red", sometimes it's tense. No matter, because I had a man-date with my pal Kerry. Nothing better to scrub the election sludge out of your head like a little Eastcoast singletrack.

Kerry clearing logs so fast he's a blur!

Either that or my camera sucks

I finally get a clear shot when he dabs. Credit where credit is due, he did clean it a half dozen times while I fumbled with my camera.

Kerry dropping off a ledge


log pile

A couple of Kerry looking all racer like and determined

Unfortunately this wasn't the only time Kerry had his pump out. Not a good day for Kerry and flats.

Now my mind is all minty fresh. Hopefully this tranquility will radiate throughout my household!

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