Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Calmness Has Come To The Force

In May Charlie broke his hip riding Case MT.
5 months later he's back rockin' the Singlespeed.

Somehow the world seems a better place with Charlie on two wheels.


Mark said...

Didn't know Charlie was a Monkey Lover, not to mention broke his hip at Case. Wow! Glad to see he's back on the bike. Also cool to see him on a 29er! I want to buy his Pugsley.

CB2 said...

In May he was riding Case the day after rain, hopped up on a rock that was still slimy and went down. He's currently riding a 32 x 18, but was about to try a 17 before the accident.

MMcG said...

32:17 - damn.

32:20 is hard enough for me at my age and Charlie is contemplating 32:17!

I need to ride more, a lot more!