Monday, October 20, 2008

Leaf Peeping

Looking at the foliage maps on the morning news, it seemed imperative that I should take the camera with me on a couple of rides this weekend.

A couple of problems with that:
My trail shots are usually pretty lame. This might be the nature of our trails is hard to capture. We don't have very long stretches before the trail turns, and dips, so you only see about 50' at a time. Or I just suck at photography.
Mostly it's more fun to just ride.

Friday I rode alone @ Pennwood in Simsbury. What a hoot. One of my favorite places to ride in the state.

Saturday and Sunday was at the W. Htfd Reservoir. Saturday I rode w/ Kerry, but it was the early bird special, so I didn't have any light until the end of the ride. Sunday was an unexpected afternoon ride. Some how I sold the idea to the Lovely Ms. Kim; I think after Ian's birthday party she was more susceptible to suggestion.


MMcG said...

Nice pics Charlie! That little ladder thing is kinda goofy and out of place at the Res though don't you think?

CB2 said...

They'd be better with a rider in them!
Yeah, I used to just hop that log, but it is fun to ride. Sometimes it's hard to line up if your hitting it from the North.

Mark said...

Man, I have been to the rez in what seems like years! The last time was with mmcg and Tony Hawk on my first incantation with the rigid 69er. Need to get back there!

Taking pix of trails is tough unless someone has walked through with a leaf blower.

Still, some good shots.