Monday, February 25, 2013

Interest Earned

Day in day out, week after week, I suck it up and ride to work.  No Jens Factor, it's just what I do.  Before working at Benidorm I would schedule the days I needed my truck around the weather.  Now I don't have an excuse.  I've found that after some initial anxiety it really isn't too tough.  On the worst of days I can still get to or from work in less than an hour.  How long does the average American spend in the car commuting to work?

It's like a bank.  A commuter bank.  I look at every day I ride in as like time in the bank for the days I do want to drive.

It's like a real bank too as operating an automobile gets more and more expensive (duh!).

But this isn't about commuting; this is about today.

After completing 2 of 4 trips across town shuttling students, and running errands, I had a few hours to myself.  Beautiful day, in the mid 40s *F and a great friend returned an old  friend.

La Folle*

What's more fun than riding a bike you haven't ridden in awhile?

Days like today are like the interest earned on my commuter bank account.

*La Folle, the madwoman.  Prototype Singular Kite with  Euro high BB and super quick handling.  You've got stay on your toes or she'll be laughing (maniacally) at you when she crashes you into a snowbank.

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