Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Goal...maybe

As I was riding to work the other day, just loving the way the Fun Machine rolled it occurred to me it has been quite sometime since I rode a geared bike of any kind.  Had I rode one this year?

(I might have on January 10th, although I have it marked as the Fun Machine)

So,  can I go for the rest of 2013 without riding a multispeed bicycle?

I had given some thought to riding gears for some of the early season flatter races just to see if it would make a difference for me.  Do I shelf this idea?

Take a different path?

Might put me off the back on group road rides, but maybe that is a good excuse to be otb and just enjoy the ride?


fabian said...

I'll do it with you if you do. I'll put away all multi-geared bikes, except for the tandem. I've got to ride with the kiddies on that.

Anonymous said...

You know that will not last long. It never does for any of us. Crap, I have been on multiple gears exclusively for six months, the next race is at least two months out, and I am already thinking about ditching the geared bike.

It is unavoidable.