Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The morning started with a left hook in Farmington.  Expletives were thrown, birds were flipped.  At least I wasn't in Team Colors.  The most infuriating thing, other than almost being hit by some lady in a Saab, was there wasn't anyone behind me.  It wasn't a matter of go quick or have to wait a long time, she just couldn't wait a second for me to clear the intersection.  Oh, and she saw me, and made that choice.

Then waiting for the light at 177 in Plainville near GE, the crosswalk lights up and all 4 lanes of traffic in all 4 directions come to a halt.  I look around, where's the walker?  There isn't one.  It's an adult in his twenties riding his bike on the sidewalk crossing the street tying up traffic.  At least he didn't press the button and just go without waiting for it.

So when I hear a guy start to shout out his window at me the first thing that comes to my mind is "Now what!"
What did he yell?

"Nice track-stand!"

Why thank you.
Have a nice day.


Alby King said...

Left hook or left cross? Typically for me motorists don't left cross at intersections nearly as often on the bike as they do when driving. Funny that.

CB2 said...

Good catch Mr. King; it was a left cross. I guess I'd have to be in the left lane and she would have to have attempted a left turn from the right lane to make it a left hook.

Alby King said...

Didn't mean to "catch" you - I'm just ANALytical about these things.