Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I decided to take the Kite on a more "traditional" loop today. I started out with the first couple legs of my "cross" loop to make sure I got enough log jumpin' and bike liftin' practice, but then I headed up to the ridge.
Amazing how much rockier it seems with 32 mm tires.
Not only did the terrain slow me to a uselessly pedestrian pace, but it also knocked my headset out of adjustment, which I didn't think was even possible.
I was getting bummed out.
I was wishing I was on my Swift, but having a race on Saturday, I felt I could use all the time on the Kite I could get.
I decided to pull the plug.
But on the way back to my truck, things began to turn around for me. Riding on trails and fireroads more suitable to a cross bike was letting the Kite shine once again.
Horses for courses I guess or some such nonsense.
Turned out the starnut in the fork was slightly crooked, so after a few good whacks, the top-cap settled in. I added a spacer to hopefully prevent this.
I also swapped out my super sweet Raceface Turbines for my beat to hell FSA Energy cranks. Yes they are lighter, but the main reason was they are 170s (Turbines are 175s). I went through a 175 phase; the leverage is nice, but I think the shorter ones work better for me.

I've also decide to race my age group this weekend. Not only does the time work better for me, but I won't have to race 24 year olds with Pro MTB licenses (just guys my own age who are as fast as 24 year with pro mtb licenses).

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the original big ring said...

Charles - I love the new bike, love it. Dang.
WHERE did you get those pink egg beaters?!?! I have to have them. Have to.