Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Eagle, err, Kite has landed!

After an extend tour of the of the mid-west, a box of goodies arrived from SW England.
A cap, a jersey, a skinsuit and a prototype Singular Kite frameset!
Sam also included some of those fancy Euro cantis that all the cool kids are running.
I'd have to steal the brifters from my Cannondale, or the levers from the Fun Machine, use some crappy old Diacompes from the bin, or heaven forbid spend money on levers.
Or I could just be uncool and run v-brakes with the long pull levers I have for disc brakes.
Well, I didn't want to cannibalize any bikes, or run gears (maybe some day), so v- brakes it is.
Turns out I had to steal the Fun Machine's wheels anyways since even though a giant box can make it's way across the Atlantic in a couple of days, a couple of tires can't get from Indiana to Connecticut in a week.
After a couple of weeks of foul weather, and a migrating cold (started in my head, went South to my chest and hopefully will be flushed out by the weekend) I've got some work to do to do this gem and the accompanying supersuit justice.
My kinda work!
Had no idea I was color coordinating my pedals with the decals
Not Euro cool, but they work
Classy as always


MMcG said...

Nice Charlie! Really Really Nice!

What size is it?

JoshRLC said...

I'm quite jealous! It looks like the brake levers are on the wrong sides. Maybe it's just the light reflecting strangely. Great bike though! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow - that was quick! You don't have to post the pic of the world's worst boxed bike frame ;-)

Yes, I'm afraid your brake levers are on the wrong sides, will much more comfy the other way around.


CB2 said...

MMcG: 54cm tt / 50cm st

Sam: Quick, no doubt! They even sent it 300 miles the wrong direction and it got here this quick. As ugly as the outside of the box was, you wrapped the frame and fork as if they were your child; took me a 1/2 hour to get all the wrapping off it.

Kerry said...

you want to take it for a ride saturday morn?

Manicmtbr said...

Looks good Charlie. Tear up that NE cross scene!