Thursday, August 14, 2014

Benidorm Bikes Mountain Bike Ride w/ Charlie

Every 4th Sunday of the month Benidorm Bikes has a group mountain bike ride for cyclist of all abilities; Benidorm Bikes Mountain Bike Ride w/ Charlie.

Hey, that's me!

The first one was a no show, maybe because it was Memorial Day weekend, so I just went for a long ride by myself.

The second one was a no show, which was fine by me because I had been hit by a car two days earlier and was in a bit of "discomfort".

But I was beginning to get a complex.  If no one was going to show up why am I carrying a first aid kit and waivers?  Why was I arranging my Sunday schedule around this?

The third one there was a threat of rain.  I condensed the waivers and first aid to a one jersey pocket packet figuring I'd be heading out alone again, but just in case people showed up...and they did.

3 hearty souls all independent from one another were waiting for me at Res 6.

We got poured on, muddied and a little bloodied.  We had a blast as I shared the trails I've been riding and discovering for over 20 years just minutes from Hartford!

Next one is August 24th, 8:30 AM starting at MDC Res 6 in West Hartford; hope to see you there.

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